Planning Advisory Committee

2020 Planning Advisory Committee (PAC)

Prior to getting the requested construction permit you may be required to submit your project for acceptance by the Town of Hampstead’s Planning Advisory Committee. The PAC will examine your project and make recommendations to Council when you put up a new building, want to expand or make modifications to the exterior facades or when you want to demolish a building.

The PAC is a working group consisting of two (2) Town Council members and five (5) residents with an expertise in architecture and urban planning.

William Steinberg, Mayor

Vice Chairman
Warren Budning, Councillor

There are 5 Hampstead citizen members known for their expertise in architecture and urban planning.

Section Chief - Urban Planning and Building Inspections, Secretary of the Committee


2020 Demolition Committee
Regular Members
Cheryl Weigensberg, Councillor
Leon Elfassy, Councillor
Replacing Member
Harvey Shaffer, Councillor