Leger Survey Results

The results of the Leger survey can be found in this report.

As regards a new Civic Centre with no local tax increases 61% of respondents were in favor compared to 33% against.

For up zoning CSL Road, 62% were in favor compared to 35% who wanted no change. Of the 62% who wanted up zoning 24% wanted 10 storeys, 14% more than 10 stories, 13% 8 storeys and 11% 6 storeys. In other words, 61.3% of those wanting up zoning wanted 10 or more than storeys vs. 38.7% who wanted 6 or 8 storeys.

It is interesting but not surprising that the residents living on CSL Road had very different views from those living in the rest of Hampstead. For CSL Road, 61% wanted no change vs. 37% who wanted up zoning. For the rest of Hampstead, the numbers are reversed with 66% wanting up zoning and only 32% wanting no change.
For the last question on environmental measures, 81% were in favor vs. 12% against.

However, the comments showed that council must look carefully at which measures to implement as not everyone favored all measures.

Bill Steinberg
Mayor, Town of Hampstead