Passover and Easter Services and Measures

Special Garbage Collection

To accommodate increased demand during Passover, Hampstead will be offering an additional garbage pickup on:
- Friday, April 2
This pickup is in addition to the regular garbage, recycling, and organic waste collections.

Overnight Parking Tolerance

Public Security will exercise parking tolerance for overnight parking until:
- Monday, April 5.
Restrictions for blocked fire hydrants and driveways remain in effect.

Private Gatherings 

Quebec measures concerning gatherings in private homes, inside or outside:

Prohibited for visitors from another address, except for a person who lives alone, with their dependent children where applicable.

Allowed for:
- one informal caregiver
- a person providing a service or support;
- labour for planned work;
- a person who lives alone, with their dependent children, if any, may join people who live at one other address, provided that they form a stable group. Groups formed this way are asked to refrain from gathering in their homes with anyone who is not part of the group.

Administrative Offices Closed

All administrative offices at Town Hall, the Irving L. Adessky Community Centre and Public Works will be closed from
- Friday, April 2 to Monday, April 5, inclusively.

Issue date: March 28, 2021