Town Hall Meeting: June 28, 2021, at 8:00 p.m.

An open conversation for residents with the town's elected officials is being planned for June 28. There is no designated agenda so participants can ask any question related to Hampstead. It will be attended by the mayor and councilors who wish to participate. Mayor Steinberg will moderate the online discussion.
There is no requirement to send questions to the Town Clerk in advance however participants should keep their computer camera on and provide their name.
Interested residents can participate in the meeting live using this link.
Here’s the registration link.
Here is a brief report on the previous Town Hall meeting held May 27.
A resident complained that Bell was doing work on his lawn with no prior notice. Following the meeting Mayor Steinberg spoke to the project manager for Bell on this issue and several others that had come to his attention. Bell said that door hangers had been placed on all affected homes one or two weeks in advance. Perhaps some had blown away by the wind. Mayor Steinberg also raised the issue that repairs to lawns were taking too long and in some cases were not satisfactory. He told Bell that future work would not be allowed until he was satisfied that repairs were ongoing and being done properly. He obtained assurances that this would be done and he is now getting regular updates from the project manager.
A resident complained that during the winter pieces of asphalt had been blown on her lawn due to the poor pavement condition in front of her house. The next day the pieces were removed and within a week the pavement in the area had been repaired.
The issue of Hampstead requiring permits for interior work such as painting costing over $2,000 was raised. The councillors and Mayor Steinberg agreed that the requirement should be removed and the appropriate amendment to our by-law was made June 7.
Two residents mentioned that the Friday BBQs at the day camp have only unhealthy food. This year due to Covid restrictions there will be no BBQs but next year we will look into healthy options for the BBQs.
It was also suggested that we open the Gayton Park splash pad a week or two earlier than the last weekend in May. We will try to do so starting next year.
Finally, a resident asked if Hampstead has a map of the location of all gas lines in the town. We do not but we will get one from the gas utility and post it on our web site.
Residents can call Mayor Steinberg 7 days a week till midnight at (514) 483-6954 or reach him by e-mail even when he is travelling. He responds very quickly. Nevertheless, Town Hall meetings are another way to raise issues.