Call for Candidates – Planning Advisory Committee (PAC)

The Town of Hampstead is seeking candidates to sit on its Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) for the duration of its mandate, for a period of at most two (2) years, renewable.

The mandate given to the Committee by Town Council is to review matters within its jurisdiction in accordance with provisions in the Loi sur l’aménagement et l’urbanisme, RLRQ c A-19.1  and existing by-laws, to provide:

  1. Recommendations to Town Council, at its request, on all matters related to planning, zoning, subdivision and construction;
  2. Advice concerning minor exemptions (ME), site planning and architectural integration programs (SPAIP), specific construction, alteration, or occupancy proposals for an immoveable (SCAOPI) and demolition;
  3. Advice to Town Council regarding any other matter provided for by law.

The candidates sought for this mandate must be members in good standing of the Ordre des architectes du Québec, the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec, the Ordre des urbanistes du Québec or be professionals in a related discipline.

Committee members should be members of their respective professional bodies and also residents of Hampstead.

Any interested person is invited to submit a letter of interest and resume no later than February 3, 2022


You may apply online and you may also ask questions directly to the Town Clerk of Hampstead, Me Alexandra Dolhan at

Any selected candidate will be recommended to Town Council who, as the appropriate authority, will make decisions regarding the nomination, if applicable.