Important information regarding your water tax bill

Please note that the Town has moved towards eliminating estimates altogether by requesting that real reading be provided without exception. To this end, in compliance with By-Law 1010, should the Town need to calculate an estimate for the current invoicing period due to the lack of having received a real reading, a (non-refundable) fine will be charged to the consumer. Several options are available to provide readings within the designated period from mid-August to end-September.

Dear resident,

As we are moving towards the 2021 period for water meter readings, the Town wishes to validate the most accurate water tax billing for its residents.  Our goals remain to:

- Produce reliable and accurate water charges which reflect actual consumption.

- Benefit our residents form the start by setting aside avoidable and potentially contested estimates which may require further administrative adjustments.

- Keep tabs on a timely basis should important variances in consumption occur, which may signal water loss or leakage issues that need to be addressed as soon as possible.

The following information will be required: your address, name, phone number, meter serial number, the date and reading.

- Starting on the 9th of August, you will be asked to provide our mandated contractor Les Compteurs d’eau du Québec with your water meter reading. For this, the preferred option would be to forward the necessary information by e-mail: while including a picture of the meter’s reading. Alternatively, you may also contact them by phone: 450-376-6677.

- For the duration of September (starting on the 7th), for those residents who were unable to provide the meter reading, the contractor will begin visiting these properties while wearing face masks or shields and disinfecting their hands before each visit. For unsuccessful visits, a calling card will be left requesting that the necessary information be provided as per above. Return visits, if specifically requested, will be restricted to appointment only.

Also, for this entire time period, a new application is be available should you wish to register online your meter reading on the Town’s website: (@myHampstead recommended).

Your Town Hall contacts>

Finance agent 514-369-8200 ext. 6441; Treasurer 514-369-8200 ext. 8209.
We thank you for your cooperation and wish you a safe and healthy meter reading process.