Hear Quebec awards Mayor Steinberg

Mayor Steinberg received his first cochlear implant late in 2004. Prior to the implant he was profoundly deaf but with the implant the world of hearing was opened to him. Having led the successful battle to get Hampstead demerged even without hearing, he then decided to run for Mayor. One of his campaign slogans was, “He listens.” He won the election and shortly after being elected, Dr. Saul Frankiel asked him to join a group of doctors and other medical professionals trying to get cochlear implant surgery performed in Montreal as well as Quebec City. At the time, the surgery was only done in Quebec City. While the program was excellent, many who lived in Montreal could not take the necessary time to travel to Quebec City for several appointments, the surgery, and the programming.

Steinberg eagerly accepted the invitation. Knowing how miraculous cochlear implants were he wanted to do whatever was necessary to bring that gift to others who were missing out. He never imagined that it would take 15 years to get the Quebec government to do what should have been obvious, but he persevered. With a provincial election coming up and with nothing but empty promises from the Liberal government, he went to work. He got support from all the demerged suburbs, then from Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante and from the CMM representing the entire Greater Montreal region. Finally, just two weeks before the election he secured a commitment from the CAQ. 

Covid-19 has delayed the implementation of the program in Montreal, but the necessary budget has been transferred to Montreal hospitals and the first surgeries should take place in 2021. Recently, Hear Quebec presented Steinberg with its Hearing Hear’os award.