Property Evaluation

The Town’s evaluator is Le service d’évaluation foncière de Montréal and can be reached at (514) 280-3825 for questions relating to the evaluation roll or discussions about individual property evaluations.


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A new evaluation roll is deposited every three years in the month of September. It represents the value of a given immovable at a given point in time based on the concepts of comparable property selling prices and current market replacement cost (adjusted for depreciation). Given the magnitude of the dossiers treated, the summer period 1 ½ years preceding its starting date is used as a base (Note: the base period was summer 2015 for the new roll which starts January 2017). The current roll is for three years from 2017 to 2019.

There is a prescribed form available at Town Hall which must be filled out (prior to April 30th of the first year of the deposit of a new roll) in order to request an administrative revision of the valuation of your property. The municipal evaluator must then send a written reply to your request, and, should an agreement not be reached between both parties further proceedings are possible through the Tribunal administratif du Québec (which is also subject to prescribed forms, fees and deadlines).

It is also possible to request an administrative revision following an adjustment to the evaluation of your property (e.g. major building modifications) within 60 days of the mailing date of the notice.

Notwithstanding an ongoing evaluation contestation procedure, the tax bill has to be paid in full as originally issued. Non-payment will carry interest charges per the applicable due dates. However, should a decrease in evaluation be successfully obtained, by law, the Town must reimburse full capital plus interest on overpayments made.