By-laws and Regulations

The Town Clerk oversees the legal procedure required for Municipal and Urban Planning by-laws, which are published here below.

Copies of by-laws may be obtained from the Town Clerk’s Department at a cost according to the Regulation respecting fees for the transcription, reproduction or transmission of documents or personal information.

Subject Municipal By-laws
Code of Ethics By-law No. 1017
Collection Boxes By-law No. 815
Commercial Activities Consolidation of By law No. 672 and its amendments No. 672-1, Annex A, No. 672-2
Contract Management By-law No. 1020, Annex 1, Annex 2, Annex 3, and Annex 4
Council Meetings Consolidation of By-law No. 740 and its amendments No. 740-1, No. 740-2, No. 740-3, No. 740-4, No. 740-5 and No. 740-6
Cutting Weapons By-law No. 621
Dogs Consolidation of By-law No. 761-3 and its amendments No. 761-4
Drinking Water By-law No. 796
Film Permits Consolidation of By-law No. 710 and its amendment No. 710-1
Garage Sales Consolidation of By-law No. 551 and its amendment No. 551-1
Garbage Collections Consolidation of By-law No. 705 and its amendments No. 705-6, No. 705-7 and No. 705-8
Landscaping & Gardening By-law No. 814
Nuisance Consolidation of By-law No. 795-2 and its amendments No. 795-3, No. 795-4, No. 795-5, No. 795-6
Public Notices By-law No. 1015
Signs & Posters By-law No. 673
Snow Removal By-law No. 813
Speed Limits on Fleet Rd. By-law No. 1008
Tariffs Consolidation of By-law No. 1010 and its amendments No. 1010-1, No. 1010-2 and No. 1010-3 and Annex C-2, Annex D (Spring-Summer)(Fall-Winter) and Annex E
Tax Rates By-law No. 1016, By-law No. 1016-1
Tobacco & Other Substances By-law No. 1019
Traffic Consolidation of By-law No. 694 and its amendments No. 694-1, No. 694-2, No. 694-3, No. 694-4, No. 694-5, Annexe A, No. 694-6, No. 694-7, No. 694-8, No. 694-9 and No. 694-10


Subject Urban Planning By-laws
Building By-law No. 1003 and its amendment No. 1003-1
Condominium Conversions By-law No. 713
Demolition By-law No. 1009
Maintenance of Dwellings By-law No. 762
Minor Exemptions By-law No. 1013
PAC Consolidation of By-law No. 1014 and its amendment No. 1014-1
Permits & Certificats Consolidation of By-law No. 1004 and its amendment No. 1004-1
Planning Program By-law No. 1000
PPCMOI By-law No. 1006
SPAIP By-law No. 775

By-law 1002-1

Zoning & Airbnbs By-law No. 1001-2 and its amendment No. 1001-3,
Annex AAnnex B

Please note: If any discrepancies arise between the By-laws provided through this website and those kept on file at the Town Clerk's Office, the latter shall prevail for all purposes of the law.