Material Resources and Information Technologies

Material Resources:

The Material Resources Department proceeds with the purchase of all supplies, goods, equipment, and services for the various administrative units of the municipality in order to ensure a more efficient delivery of services to the residents.

The staff in the department make sure to proceed with the necessary purchases in keeping with sound administrative principles and in the best interest of the Town while complying with applicable municipal laws and regulations.

Material Resources staff are responsible to :

  • Receive purchase requisitions from the various departments;
  • Issue requests for quotations;
  • Proceed with the purchase of supplies, goods, equipment and services;
  • Conclude mutual agreements with the suppliers;
  • Ensure all items ordered are received and follow up with the suppliers;
  • Reconcile invoices from suppliers with delivery slips;
  • Perform data input so that payments to suppliers can be processed;
  • Draft tender documents;
  • Publish calls for tenders and monitor the tendering process;
  • Proceed with the opening of public bids;
  • Review the bids received and make recommendations;
  • Enforce the Town's Contract Management by-law;
  • Keep the lists of suppliers and products up to date;
  • Maintain a list of all contracts exceeding $25,000;
  • Maintain inventory levels;
  • Look after stores management;
  • Oversee the disposal of used goods owned by the City.

Information Technologies:

The Information Technologies Department ensures the overall effectiveness of the organization by participating in the selection, implementation, maintenance and evolution of relevant technologies in order to support management and operations (software, material, processes and change management).

To achieve this, it ensures that the projects undertaken by the Town are in keeping with the technology guidelines and basic principles established by the organization.

Director - Material Resources and Information Technologies
Michel Richard
Tel: 514-369-8200, ext. 8232