Batteries and Electronics

Recuperation of Alkaline or Rechargeable Batteries

All dry-cell type batteries such as alkaline, lithium or lithium-ion, rechargeable cell-phone or any other electronic equipment batteries may be brought, during normal office hours, to one of the 8 recuperation points disseminated in the Town of Hampstead.

The recuperation bins are located indoors at the following locations:

Hampstead Town Hall - 5569 Queen-Mary Road

Irving L. Adessky Community Centre - 30 Lyncroft

First Baptist Church - 6215 Côte-Saint-Luc Road

Montreal Torah Centre - 28 Cleve

Adath Israel-Poole Zedek Congregation - 223 Harrow Crescent

Montreal Chinese Alliance Church - 13 Finchley

Dorshei Emet Congregation - 18 Cleve

Hampstead Elementary School - 83 Thurlow

The Town of Hampstead supervises the collection of the bins when they are filled, stores the collected batteries in a safe location and safely disposes of the batteries in the recuperation networks with which it has partnership agreements.