Protecting Your Home

If you have a centrally monitored alarm system, please be sure that the police (911) is called first and then, or at the same time, Hampstead Public Security at (514) 369-8250. Both should be called.

Burglars usually ring a doorbell or knock on a door to see if anyone is home. When you answer they say it was a wrong address or they leave before you get to the door. If something suspicious like this happens, call 911 immediately and report the incident. Then call Public Security (514) 369-8250 and make a report as well.

Should you arrive home and suspect that you have been broken into (broken window, door, etc.), please call 911, from your car, immediately as well as Hampstead Public Security (514) 369-8250. Do NOT enter the house and do NOT confront any suspects.

Do not open your door to someone you do not know or are not expecting. Even the best locks are useless if you open your door without knowing who is there. A chain is insufficient to prevent a determined force entry. Solicitors are rare in Hampstead and are discouraged for public safety reasons.

Activate your alarm system whenever the house is empty, even for a short while, and when you go to sleep.

Educate your family members on the proper use of the alarm systems.

Install motion detector spotlights in your backyard and on your garage door(s).

Be sure your house number is displayed prominently, with reflective numbers that can be easily seen from the street, in order to facilitate emergency services locating your home.

Update locks, particularly when moving to a new house.

Install secondary locking devices on sliding windows and sliding glass doors as they can easily be lifted out of the track and removed (if they have just one locking system).

Never leave extra keys in the mailbox, under the doormat, over the door, or in some other likely place.

Install a wide angle 180 degree door viewer at an appropriate level for everyone in the home.

Make sure that you do not help burglars to enter your premises. Tools, ladders, bicycles, and toys should all be brought inside at night or when you are not home. Burglars often use items found in the homeowner’s yard as tools to gain entry to their homes.

It is important to include detached garages and garden sheds when assessing your home’s security. High ticket items like lawnmowers, pressure washers, and other electric and automotive tools are popular targets for thieves.

Deposit cash rather than keeping more than you need at home. Be extra vigilant if you own or operate a mainly cash-transaction business.

Consider keeping other valuables such as jewellery and coin collections in a safety deposit box.

Take note of serial numbers on cameras, televisions, video and stereo equipments so as to keep an inventory list. Digital pictures or a video record of your valuables will help your insurance claims and police identifications during a recovery process.