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About eHampstead

eHampstead is a news and information portal that allows you to set up a password-protected profile page in order to receive Town Hall news, register for recreational activities and file for permits.

Why register?

When you register to eHampstead, you have access to these online services:

  • Create your own password-protected profile page
  • Make various requests (information, queries, etc.) and get online follow-up.
  • Register online for recreational activities.
  • Create your permit requests and renewals.
  • Receive your customized news; subscriptions are grouped by category of interest based on your needs.

About the news feed

eHampstead is also an email news service that delivers news and information to subscribers direct from Town Hall Communications.

Fully customizable, eHampstead allows you to choose news you can use from categories such as Special Events, General News, or Children and Family Programs. In all there are 15 categories to choose from allowing you to select the most relevant topics.

When you subscribe, you will receive:

  • News releases
  • Special event announcements
  • Registration dates for sports activities, swimming pool, tennis and summer camp
  • Holiday closures
  • News updates from Public Works, Public Security, and the Tax Department
  • News and messages from the Mayor


To receive emergency notices, please sign-up for our high-speed automated call system on the CodeRED Registration Form.


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