Water Meter Readings Begin mid-August

It’s time for annual water meter readings in homes across Hampstead. Over the next six weeks  –  from mid-August through September  –  trained personnel will be visiting each home to take a reading from your water meter. We ask that you please provide access to your water meter so that a proper reading may be taken.

In addition this year, these individuals have also been mandated to fill out a status sheet which will allow us to compile statistics on the status of your meter.

An actual reading is essential to ensure that your water consumption charge is accurate.

Please take note of the following:

  • Meter readings will be taken by representatives from “Compteurs d’eau du Québec,” a firm contracted by the Town of Hampstead. Each meter reader will be wearing photo identification so that they are clearly identified.
  • Should no one be at home, the meter reader will leave a calling card so that you may make an appointment for a reading at your convenience.
  • In rare cases where water meters have malfunctioned, or if it is impossible to get an actual reading and estimate based on your average yearly consumption will be used to calculate your water tax bill.

As required by municipal policy, it is your responsibility to ensure that meter readers can access your water meter, and that this access remains unobstructed at all times. Please ensure that your family members and/or daytime staff are informed so that water meter readings can be taken without undue delay.

Thank you for your cooperation!

For more information, please contact us at 514-369-8200, ext. 6441.