URGENT NOTICE: Excessive Snow Accumulation

This is an urgent and important notice to all Hampstead residents to inform you that the continued heavy snow falls have filled area snow dumps to capacity. 

Hampstead uses the Côte Saint-Luc snow depot for snow removed from the main boulevards, but both it and our back-up snow dump are full to capacity and have been closed.

The Town Administration is currently in discussion with the Montreal authorities exploring possibilities to use some of their facilities. The outlook is not encouraging as many Montreal snow dumps are also closed.

A request was made to the Ministère de l’Environment for temporary permission to use the Hippodrome Blue Bonnets for the excess snow.

In the meantime, we are appealing to all Hampstead Residents for patience and understanding for the additional difficulties in our snow removal operations.

We have no choice but to continue to blow snow onto your yards and we will take special care to not cause any inconvenience to you.

Compost, Garbage and Recycling Collection & Snow Removal:

  • We ask you to place your bins on your properties, on the lips of your driveways and NOT on the sidewalks. 
  • Please make a small clearing, if possible, at the corner of your driveway to place the bins.
  • We asked the Collection companies to carefully replace the bins to their original places. 
  • Kindly remember that bins must be brought back to your property after the collection as per the by-law.
  • Having the bins on the sidewalks will cause them to be replaced inappropriately thus causing access difficulties for you and an impossible snow clearing situation for us.

Please do your part; your cooperation is essential in dealing with the heavy snow falls we are experiencing.  

Thank you,

Hampstead Communications

Issue Date: February 9, 2018