Drinking water tests for lead

The Town of Hampstead regularly tests drinking water for lead and other contaminants at municipality taps. The results of this testing program, over the past years, have shown that the water quality in Hampstead had consistently met Provincial drinking water quality norms and Health Canada Guidelines.

The water distribution network in Hampstead has no known lead pipes and water quality is excellent in the Town.

Older homes built prior to 1965 may have lead pipes inside the home.  Homeowners of older houses are encouraged to test their water. If the test result shows the presence of lead, then the homeowners should consider replacing any lead pipes or taking appropriate action to monitor and control the level of lead in its drinking water. However, the Town has conducted random testing of the 612 homes built before 1965 starting in 2015.

To date 75 homes have been tested and only one was found to have lead above the norms established by the Federal government. The standard until recently was .01 ppm and the one reading above that was higher .013 ppm. The homeowner was notified.
Going forward we will continue random testing using the new standard of .005 ppm. If we find any cases where the new norm is exceeded, the homeowners will be notified. However, based on the past testing, we do not expect to find many, if any, homes with too much lead.