Hampstead to Upgrade its Street Light Network

The Town of Hampstead is pleased to announce that it will upgrade its street light network. The undertaking involves changing over 451 sodium lights to light emitting diode (LED) lights on its green cobra lamp posts. The work begins the week of August 5, and is expected to be completed by the end of the month, barring any unforeseen delays due to poor weather and other similar obstacles.

The upgrades represent an investment of $267,000, and the return on investment is expected to take 5 years, and every year thereafter the Town will attain cumulative energy and maintenance savings.

5 Reasons to convert to LED lighting:

1. Seeing and being seen
More than uniform lighting, the new LED lights increase resident’s safety and security by providing better visibility of the road surface.

2. Enjoy reliable and sustainable technology
LED bulbs are known to last longer and are better for the environment. They last five times longer than high-pressure sodium light bulbs widely used by municipalities.

3. Saves money
Switching to LED lights will have a significant impact on the Town’s energy consumption. Energy saving can be up to 70% less! On top of that, LED lights require less maintenance thanks to their long life span.

4. Protects the night sky
On the environmental side, LED directional lighting prevents loss of light towards the sky. Plus the new lighting is certified “Dark sky” and reduces light pollution emitted by sodium lights.

5. Intelligent street lighting
The installation of an intelligent public lighting management system allows the Town to manage its street lights in real time. The detection of breaks and outages is more efficient and it offers better and faster service to residents. Additionally it’s possible to adjust light intensity as needed. Remember, better control over the lights increases their life span.

Hampstead will join hundreds of municipalities across Quebec in a program initiated by the Fédération québecoise des municipalités (FQM) and Énergère, who offer a group purchase rate to upgrade public street lights. You can follow the work progress in Hampstead on their interactive map at: https://lumieresurlequebec.ca.

LED Street lights will be installed on the following streets :

Albion Rd.  Ferncroft Rd.  Kilburn Rd.
Aldred Cres.  Finchley Rd.  Lyncroft Rd.
Aldred Pl.  Fleet Rd.  MacDonald Ave.
Applewood Cres.  Glenmore Rd.  Merton Cres.
Applewood Rd.  Granville Rd.  Merton Rd.
Belsize Rd.  Hampstead Rd.  Minden Rd.
Cote Saint-Luc Rd.  Harland Pl.  Netherwood Cres.
Cressy Rd.  Harland Rd.  Northcote Rd.
Downshire Rd.  Harrow Rd.  Queen Mary Rd.
Dufferin Rd.  Heath Rd.  Stratford Rd.
Eton Cres.  Holly Rd.  Thulow Rd.
Fallbrook Rd.  Holmdale Rd.  Wexford Cres.

For further information, please contact Town Hall at 514 369-8200.