The Passing of CSL Councillor Ruth Kovac

Ruth Kovac was first elected to the CSL council 29 years ago and served continuously except for the four years that she sat out when we were part of the Montreal borough of Hampstead/CSL/Montreal West. I met her during the demerger battle when we all helped each other in the fight to get our towns back. She was passionate and fiery in that battle and many others since then. Injustice and stupidity did not sit well with her.
Her dedication to making CSL better was incredible. Even towards the end when she knew she had very little time left and was very weak, she continued working on every CSL dossier.
Socially, my wife Doris, and I enjoyed many pleasant encounters with her and her husband, Peter, whenever we met at various events. She was serious and hard working but also had a wonderful sense of humor. She will be greatly missed.
On behalf of the entire Hampstead Council, our Director General, Richard Sun, and all the Town employees, I extend our heartfelt sympathies to Peter and the whole family.

Dr. Bill Steinberg
Mayor, Town of Hampstead