Hampstead welcomes the Blue Patrol: May 3 – 12

The Blue Patrol will conduct door-to-door visits May 3 – 12 to raise awareness on various issues related to the sustainable use of water.

This program by the Service de l'eau de Montréal (Montreal Water Service) and the Éco-quartier network, with the collaboration of the Town of Hampstead, seeks  to promote the sustainable use of water, raise awareness about drinking water conservation and encourage the use of energy efficient equipment like low-flow faucets and rain barrels.

This year the Blue Patrol will increase awareness on:

  • Rain water management related to disconnecting downspouts on homes with sloping roofs;
  • The responsible use of water and concrete measures to conserve drinking water.

If you have any questions about water conservation, be sure to ask the Blue Patrol when they visit.

For further information, please contact 514 369-8200.