Hampstead invests in strengthening its water main network

The Town recently hired a professional firm to evaluate the installation of water pressure regulators at each of its water main connections with Montreal’s network.

Following last week’s major water main breakage on Decarie, Hampstead and other surrounding towns experienced many breakages. These took place because water pressure was increased throughout Hampstead’s water main network following the Decarie breakage. Seeking a solution to this problem, which can repeat itself in the future, the Town is evaluating the possibility of installing water pressure regulators at each of the entrances where water from Montreal’s network flows into Hampstead’s network. This measure will prevent pressure variations and minimise the impacts of Montreal’s water main breakages on Hampstead’s network.

Hampstead has already invested millions in its water main network and rehabilitated over 20% of its mains. This solution will complement the Town’s vast water main network rehabilitation plan.