Halloween Safety Blitz

Hampstead's Public Security Unit will be out in force on Halloween night, making sure that streets are as safe as possible for youngsters out trick-or-treating. Officers will be patrolling streets and paying special attention to crosswalks, intersections and high-density areas. On some streets, special ‘no-stopping' zones will also be put in place for added safety, so keep an eye open!

Halloween Safety Tips
In order to ensure a safer and fun-filled Halloween for the young participants, the Town asks for the cooperation of parents in order to get their children to 'trick or treat' between 4:30 pm and 8:30 pm on October 31.

  • Take a photo of your child in costume before leaving home.
  • Wear short clothing to avoid tripping.
  • Choose a light coloured costume equipped with reflective tape so you will be seen.
  • Avoid wearing masks; instead, wear make-up so you can see and hear properly.
  • Use a flashlight to see and be seen by motorists.
  • Tell your parents which route you will be taking and what time you will be back home.
  • Always ring door bells accompanied by an adult, or in a group, and always wait outside the houses.
  • Go trick or treating one side of the street at a time.
  • Cross streets at intersections and always obey the traffic signals.
  • Never go near a car or get into one without your parents' permission.
  • Once you get home, check the collected candy with your parents to make sure the candy is safe to eat.

Happy Halloween and be safe!