Employment Opportunity: Assistant-Treasurer


Reporting to the Treasurer, the Assistant-Treasurer is responsible for the planning, elaboration and the  implementation of the procedures for the management of the financial resources; he is responsible for the conciliation of the evaluation roll and he recommends the annual taxation rates and the tariffs for the public services.


  1. Plans, elaborates and implements the financial resources procedures with respect to the general accounting norms and procedures;
  2. Prepares studies and analysis in order to ensure the control on budget preparation and management (operations and fixed capital assets, etc);
  3. Prepares the loan by-laws and coordinates with the Town Clerk for its follow-up until final approval;
  4. Produces the long term interest and payments report and ensures the follow-up;
  5. Updates the Town's assets and liabilities report;
  6. Calculates and registers the Town's assets amortisation with respect to the established accounting procedures;
  7. Reconciles the fixed capital assets projects and financing;
  8. Reconciles the benefits (social advantages) and payroll accounts;
  9. Prepares the quarterly financial forecasts and budget reports;
  10. Prepares the cost-benefit analysis in order to determine the return and opportunity cost of various projects and on request by the Town;
  11. Prepares the analysis and the reports related to the municipal activities in order to determine the fixed and variable costs; recommends the appropriate measures to be taken for optimizing the productivity;
  12. Elaborates and implements the expense control procedures; analyses and identifies the causes between the financial forecasts and the results; advises the managers, if needed, on the corrective actions to be taken;
  13. Communicates the financial management policies and procedures and ensures their conformity;
  14. Participates in the preparation of the Town's budget;
  15. Recommends to the Treasurer the required taxation rates in order to maintain the Town's financial balance;
  16. Distributes, verifies and approves the work performed by staff under his supervision;
  17. Ensures the timely delivery of quality client service to the community by the Finance employees;
  18. To assist the Director General in coordinating the counter staff in dealing with the public in an efficient and effective manner;
  19. Performs all other related duties.


  • A Bachelor degree from a recognized university infinance or other relevant field;
  • Member of a professional order such as c.a., c.m.a. or c.g.a.;
  • Four years of relevant work experience among which,two in a coordination position requesting the management of human resources.


  • Excellent knowledge of the applicable laws and regulations;
  • Fully bilingual (spoken and written French and English).


  • Analytical and inquisitive spirit;
  • Detail oriented;
  • Ability to read and to interpret administrative and technical documents;
  • Customer service oriented and a proven track record in quality client service;
  • Show tact and courtesy.

REMUNERATION : according to the Compensation Policy for the Hampstead Management Personnel.

Please send in your application before 4:30 p.m. on October 14, 2011 by
E-mail : rh@hampstead.qc.ca
Or by Fax : (514) 369-8229

c/o Simona Sonnenwirth
Human Resources Department