Changes to Hampstead’s nuisance by-law

Please be advised that the Town of Hampstead has recently made several amendments to its nuisance by-law, which comes into force on June 16, 2010. According to by-law 690-5, some of the most important changes are:

  1. Given that Hampstead is about 83% Jewish, the Town will respect the fact that many residents do not work on Saturday and only have Sunday available for gardening and other activities on the weekend. Consequently, rules for construction and noisy outdoor activities, such as using a lawnmower (gas or electric), are henceforth the same for Saturday and Sunday. Work is permitted from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on both days. In addition, just as work on statutory holidays is not allowed, construction and other noisy outdoor lawn work on Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashannah will now be forbidden.
  2. Gas powered leaf blowers are now only permitted during a limited leaf collection period each fall. The Town will announce this period each year.
  3. Some archaic provisions of the old by-law, such as the prohibition against horses in parks (the Town has the police cavalry at Hampstead Day every year) and the article related to spitting on the sidewalk or street, have been removed.
  4. Loud noise is now better defined.

Click here to view the latest by-law amendments.

Questions or comments concerning these changes may be e-mailed here to Mayor Steinberg.