From Afghanistan to Hampstead

The Royal Montreal Regiment had, in the past years, fielded numerous expeditions to assist in the Afghanistan Peace Missions.
One of Hampstead’s Public Security Officer, Johnson, was one of the soldiers who participated in two tours of deployment in Afghanistan. A picture of Officer Johnson is among the RMR Museum exhibit of images of war memories; the exhibit is entitled “Remembering Afghanistan: Reflections of Canadian Soldiers”.
The exhibition runs daily at the RMR’s armoury on Sainte-Catherine Street and travels to different venues throughout the province of Quebec. It traveled to Hampstead for the Remembrance Day Ceremony on November 7.
The “Remembering Afghanistan: Reflections of Canadian Soldiers” project is the result of 12 personal testimonies given by RMR members who volunteered to go to Afghanistan and their reflections on the time they spent there and how it has affected them. Using the real experiences of Canadian soldiers as a lens, the exhibition provides a unique look at the multiple ways Canadians participated in the conflict that took place between 2001 and 2014. The exhibition tries to put the modern conflict that took place in Afghanistan into perspective. Without a proper historical distance between us and the events, it is impossible to look at the war in Afghanistan with a critical mind and proper discernment. That is not what the exhibition claims to do. Rather, it attempts to spark a personal reflection in both civilian visitors and military.