Hampstead awarded prestigious 5 Fleurons honour

Thursday evening, Nov. 21, 2019 at Les Fleurons du Quebec annual gala, Hampstead was awarded the highest honour, 5 Fleurons. Fewer than a dozen municipalities throughout Quebec, and none on the island of Montreal, have achieved this level of outstanding achievements in Beautification and horticulture.

It all began in 2008 when Dr. Doris Steinberg, Mayor Steinberg’s wife, noticed that some suburbs had outstanding plantations while Hampstead’s looked very bad in comparison. The Fleet median was mostly concrete. The Queen Mary median had small beds that looked like cemetery plots. The main perennial was weeds.

As Mayor Steinberg said, “When my wife puts her mind to something, the job gets done.” Doris helped convince the council that Hampstead residents deserved public spaces that looked as good as their own gardens. So, the council gave the job to Doris and she got to work for an annual salary of nothing except the satisfaction of making the town more and more beautiful.

Mayor Steinberg noted that “this award is the culmination of eleven years of hard work. I thank Doris, Mala Mellor, our chief designer, the senior management of public works - Yves Mailhot, Pino Talarico and Tony Pitarelli and very importantly. Kudos to our inimitable and fantastic green team. They have all done a great job and well deserve this recognition.”

This is only the beginning as we plan to continue and redevelop the remaining parks and green spaces. Most of the costs come from our Park Fund which is financed from fees charged to those who demolish homes.

The awards are given for a period of three years and recognize the sustainable horticultural beautification efforts of Quebec municipalities. The classification rating for fleurons can be posted at municipal entrances to highlight excellence in landscaping and horticultural creations.